CoreCONNECT empowers carriers to rapidly deliver and innovate upon their digital experiences, effortlessly meeting their customers’ and partners’ evolving needs while seamlessly integrating across their existing legacy systems. CoreCONNECT integrates advanced data assimilation and process orchestration frameworks into a unified platform that tackles the inherent challenges of providing digital life insurance transactions over complex backend software infrastructure. It makes it easy to deliver a high-performance API for your entire business.

A Completely New Type of Core System to Power Your Digital Future

CoreCONNECT seamlessly harnesses information from all legacy platforms into a format that can satisfy any of today’s—or tomorrow’s—digital needs. This modern digital experience offers:

A complete API for your business

  • Enhances your competitive position with instant, effortless electronic interactions
  • Aggregates data siloed across different systems of record
  • Works stand-alone, or in conjunction with LifetimeAGENT and LifetimeSERVICE

Self-driven user transactions for all

  • Puts stakeholders in the driver’s seat, allowing easy access to all relevant information through a single portal
  • Defines digital journeys to meet specific needs
  • Creates the capacity to navigate between even a digital inception and a paper-based completion

The capacity to scale and grow without limits

  • Gives agents instantaneous access to their entire books of business in a single place
  • Enables the use of infinite quantities of data to meet business needs
  • Provides users with a fast, frictionless experience, even when a backing system is unavailable.

The answer to easing complex legacy system decisions

  • Empowers IT leaders to see the “big picture” more clearly and meet needs across the organization
  • Relieves pressure from tech leadership by creating a self-serve environment for users
  • Allows the flow of information to meet market demand and consumer appetite

Create state-of-the-art user experiences by instantly connecting to data from every access point across your history.

Watch this video to see how CoreCONNECT effortlessly puts everything needed for any transaction front and center.