The bridge between carriers and customers.

Customer Engagement
Sureify drives customer engagement by incorporating mobile apps, health devices, and wellness programs into the insurance product experience.
Underwriting 2.0
It’s about having a lifetime of data on your policyholders instead of one static portrait. The winners of the risk market will be the ones who have the means of lifetime data collection on policyholders.
Policyholder Data Insights
Health, habits, and life events. Our platform is designed to ensure that insurers never miss opportunities to increase revenue with their existing customer base.

Acquisition Tools
Responsive quote engine, insurance application forms, and sales funnels.
IoT Devices
An IoT layer opens opportunities for better risk modeling and customer engagement strategies.
Product Cross-selling
In-app mobile product store for all your financial products, push notifications, and more.
Engagement Tools
Push notifications, rewards program, and more to reach your policyholders digitally.
Policyholder Health Data
Start building better datasets by collecting personal health device data.
Consumer Web & Mobile Apps
White-labeled consumer apps so that you're always with your policyholders.
App Analytics
Continuously learn how your customers interact with you.
Agent Engagement Portal
All the Lifetime Platform tools in the hands of your agents.
Mitigate risk by encouraging healthy behaviour amongst your policyholders.
Policyholder Management
All your policyholders in one place with detailed data on every one of them.
Cloud-Based Underwriting
Automated underwriting for precision and better customer experience.
General Overview
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