Our principles

Products that matter

As thought leaders, we must be cutting-edge, yet our products are substantiated by much more than hype; each is a response to the real issues facing the insurance industry today, and we serve the genuine needs of both our business and end-customer users.

Customer Success

We only succeed if our customers succeed. We serve a small, close-knit industry and no product capability or marketing campaign is as valuable as successful, referenceable customers.

Results over status

We don’t fawn over status or titles. Instead, we honor effort and intelligence. The best idea wins no matter which colleague proposed it.

The general will

The opinions of all our employees –not just a select group of board members– play into the direction of our company.

Quality over quantity

One piece of quality work is always better than an abundance of sloppy deliverables.

People matter

Our products are for nothing if their creators are not fulfilled in their work. We want our employees to flourish at Sureify.


We do not shortcut our mission with overblown claims or false promises. Sticking to the truth is both a strategy and a principle for us.

Long-term thinking

Shortsightedness has been the downfall of so many companies and institutions. From our processes to our products, we strategize many steps ahead.


We do not judge each other by any superficial factors, but rather by the work we produce and the content of our characters.


We mean this in the broadest sense, especially diversity of personalities and perspectives.

Perks and benefits

Competitive salary

Life insurance

Flexible schedules

Generous PTO


Fresh fruit, coffee, and other snacks

Health, dental, & vision

401k retirement plan

Short-term & long-term disability insurance

Open Positions

Bottom Wave