Sureify knows the realities

There’s no such thing as no-code digital sales, but that doesn’t mean you should be jumping through hoops to get digital sales going. Sureify understands insurers’ and consumers’ needs and strikes a balance between configurability, fast implementations, flexible workflows, and an intuitive UX.


Industry expertise

Higher placement

Close more quotes

Quote Integration/API

LifetimeAcquire integrates with your company’s quote service API, so values can be displayed quickly and accurately on the front-end.

Multi-product support

Sureify’s configurable front-end enables product comparison, riders, and dual quoting.

Automated lead nurturing

Text, email, and push notification follow-ups drive applicants to finish their applications should they stop at the quote.

Make applying easy and enjoyable

Simple, navigable UX

Reflexive questions, web and mobile optimization, and configurable breadcrumbs all work to make an applicant’s experience as smooth as possible. We also support prepopulated forms when existing customer data is available.

Configurable questions

A/B test application versions: alter question text, including headers, placeholders, and tooltips without having to call us.

A wealth of bonus features

It’s all included: ID check, application save, review and edit, e-signature, payment processing integrations, chat support, co-browsing, drop-ticket support, ACORD tc103 new business transmission, and more.

Every application ends with a risk-adequate decision

Sureify specializes in implementing automated underwriting rules engines. With the combined solution you have the option to deploy a rules engine that supports accelerated underwriting programs, enabling you to make the most precise risk assessment decisions at the point of sale. This gives insurance carriers around the world the technology they need to speed up digital transformation initiatives that target the next generation of insurance buyers who prefer web and mobile experiences.

Application completed – now what?

Underwriter Referral


  • Status track throughout underwriting process
  • Information request workflows (medical exam scheduling, e-signatures, missed questions, etc.)
  • Configurable statuses to communicate effectively with your customers

Instant Approval

Lifetime Servicing & Engagement

Approved applicants can immediately log into the web portal and download a mobile app to view their policy information and begin their self-service and engagement experience.

Enter the super agent

Sureify isn’t transforming just the customer’s experience. The Agent Panel is a key component of LifetimeAcquire where agents can access a robust set of tools to drive leads through the application process.

Agent Panel

Our Agent Panel centralizes applicant and client data so that agents can manage sales queues, engage with clients, and drive business.

  • Single sign-on via your website
  • Application status tracking
  • Client activity log
  • Document storage
  • Email quote to client

Quote Interface

Agents can run quotes for their clients accurately and efficiently.

  • Print & email functionality
  • Multi-product quote interface, including quote comparison
  • Add riders to quote total
  • Dual quoting for applicants
  • Post-quote options: start application, transfer to client, or transfer to call center


The Agent Panel features a flexible eApp that allows agents to guide their customers through the application process in-person, over the phone, or as a shared workflow.

  • Simple, navigable UI
  • Reflexive questions
  • E-signature
  • App transfer to customer or call-center
  • Save & return
  • Payment processing
  • ID verification
  • Review & edit
  • ACORD tc103 new business transmission

Connecting all the pieces

An eApp is more than just a set of questions. There are signatures to be obtained, identities to be verified, and payments to be processed. Sureify knows its limitations and has chosen strategic integrations when appropriate. Luckily for you, we connect all the pieces, you just select them.

We are excited...

AAA Life Logo

We are excited and confident in our partnership with Sureify to implement their Digital Sales product, which will lead to a more efficient and robust application and buying experience for our ExpressTerm customers.

Jim Lucas
Senior Vice President and Chief Actuary, AAA

My Principal Lifestyle...

Principal Logo

My Principal Lifestyle, powered by Sureify, has been an opportunity for us to support our customers’ personal path to physical and financial wellness today, while providing protection for their loved ones tomorrow. The mobile app provides customers with an incentive to brush up on personal finance topics through education, as well as improve their physical health through challenges and personal goals.

Greg Linde
Senior Vice President, Principal Individual Life

We found in Sureify...

Vantis Life Logo

We found in Sureify a great partner to help us launch Velocity, a digital life sales process, in three different contexts: direct-to-consumer, for our bank agents, and in our call center. This was a major step for our business, and we have been impressed by Sureify’s execution and ability to handle the complexities involved. We’re excited to now expand our use of Lifetime to the servicing and engagement capabilities

Scott Smith
President & Chief Operating Officer, Vantis

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