Wenwen Gao To Manage Company’s “LifetimeEngage” Product

By Lori Zinaich | March 16, 2020

SAN JOSE, California, March 16, 2020 —

Sureify, the leader in digital transformation of the life insurance and annuity customer experience, continues to expand its Product Management team with the recent hire of Wenwen Gao.  In her role as Senior Product Manager, Wenwen will serve as the product owner for Sureify’s LifetimeEngage, which allows insurance carriers to build lasting digital relationships with policyholders. 

With an educational background in computer science, an MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management, and 7 years of professional experience as an actuary, Wenwen brings a wealth of knowledge in both insurance and product management to Sureify. She hopes to combine her past technical experience with her natural curiosity about people and processes to help the company’s LifetimeEngage platform continue to evolve as a best-in-class customer engagement tool.   

“This is a great role that allows me to combine my industry knowledge and analytical skills, and also focus on the business and people aspects of customer engagement,” she explained.  “My career so far has given me a deep understanding of the insurance industry, and I know that, in general, it’s far behind other industries in terms of technology and innovation. There is tremendous potential for digital transformation, and I think Sureify is a thought leader in the space.”

Luis Diaz, Sureify’s head of Product Management, cited Wenwen’s intelligence, curiosity and broad knowledge of insurance-specific technology as factors in her hire, but expressed that, above all, her ability to thoughtfully seek answers was what set her apart in the hiring process.  “Her ability to ask questions and be able to approach problems both analytically and creatively is what’s rare. Wenwen is now the product owner for the LifetimeEngage product that put us on the map, and she’s here to help us to continue to innovate,” he said.

Wenwen’s experience includes product management, mobile app development and engagement strategy, and machine learning recommendations to enhance personalization.  She has worked for established and start-up companies including iHealth Labs, Armoire, Amazon and John Hancock.  

About Sureify

Sureify’s mission is to modernize the life insurance and annuity industry by helping carriers acquire, service, and engage their customers with one enterprise platform: Lifetime. We enable omnichannel sales with LifetimeAcquire, a product that drives placement rates via quoting, e-application, automated underwriting, and new business transmission. With LifetimeService, insurers are offering their in-force customers comprehensive self-service portals and native applications. Lastly, the product that started it all, LifetimeEngage, fosters a lifelong relationship between carriers and their policyholders with multifaceted engagement programs and analytics, leading to greater lifetime value of each policyholder.  Learn more at


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